The term “specialty coffee” refers to a quality assessment certification granted to a coffee bean by a licensed coffee sensory expert (Q Grader), officially acknowledging a coffee bean’s higher caliber of quality compared to the rest of the coffee bean market. This certification is directly attributed to the distinction of complex and balanced flavors tied to a particular coffee bean.

Anything above 80 points is classified as “specialty coffee”.  Specialty coffee is typically priced at a premium and sold at various green coffee auctions or directly traded between farms and importers to then be sold to coffee roasting companies. Cupper prides itself on getting you to the best cafes serving specialty coffee.

In contrast, “commercial coffee” refers to any coffee bean receiving less than 80 points by a licensed coffee sensory expert (Q Grader). Commercial coffee is traded internationally on the global commodity stock exchange, and is predominately served in fast food chains or sold in supermarkets and gas stations.